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A Psychedelic Solution for Depression

Finally, a solution for your depression with Relief Psychedelics! We’re a REMS-certified provider of SPRAVATO®, an intranasal esketamine and the only FDA-approved psychedelic therapy on the market. SPRAVATO® is designed to help patients with treatment-resistant depression and major depression with suicidal thoughts or actions.

SPRAVATO® alters your mindset by accessing thoughts and ideas to help you achieve long-term wellness. It works differently than oral antidepressants by targeting the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor. What’s more, SPRAVATO® is administered intranasally in an outpatient setting and doesn’t require an IV or needles.

Relief Psychedelics is for you if…

You or a loved one is…

diagnosed with depression and has not achieved results with typical medication.

Depression is…

affecting your relationships, ability to work or go to school, or your overall quality of life.

Why consider Relief Psychedelics?

Exceptional Care

By putting our patients' needs first, we provide expedited and personalized care to those in need. We’re committed to helping you find relief.

FDA Approved

SPRAVATO® nasal spray was evaluated for safety and efficacy in both short and long-term clinical trials with more than 1,700 adults diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression.

Covered by Insurance

SPRAVATO® is covered by major insurers and offers a special savings program that may offset out-of-pocket copays and deductibles directly related to the drug. Contact us to assess your benefits and see what the cost may be for you.

Most major insurances cover TMS Therapy.
Relief TMS accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
Relief TMS accepts Cigna Insurance for TMS Therapy
Relief TMS accepts UnitedHealthcare Insurance
Relief TMS accepts TriCare Insurance for TMS Therapy
Relief TMS accepts Medicare Insurance

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